What We Do




What We Do


1. Forest Protection

The aim of forest protection is to secure forest, forest land, and its environment in order to get sustainable and optimal functions of the forest. A concern of the forest protection in project area is to reduce forest degradation caused by illegal logging, fire, cattle, pest and disease, and so on.

Forest Protection

2. Planting and Enrichment

Enrichment planting preserves the forested land that serves as the matrix between rows of planted trees, allowing restore forest condition before degraded. Planting trees also enriches the land and improves its productivity, concentrating the primary production and storing C for the long term in high-value, longer-living tree species.

Planting and Enrichment

3. Reintroduction of Indigenous Flora and Fauna

Restoration is a recovery through an actively with reintroduction of species that previously existed, so as to achieve its original structure and composition.

Indigenous Flora and FaunaIndigenous Flora and Fauna

4. Habitat Management

Habitat management associated with improved quality and quantity for conservation of endangered fauna and flora due to maintain sustainability of biodiversity.

Habitat Management