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Siberut has 5 Districts, and most of 50% (roughly 16.000) Siberut people live in Ecosystem Restoration (PT. Global Green) area Siberut has been colonized by people about 2000 to 3000 years ago, when migrants from Nias Island (North Sumatra) arrived in the northern part of Siberut. Siberut peoples organized into patrilineal groups (follow father’s line) along the banks of river. The current population of Siberut is roughly 32.000, dominated by Mentawai tribes. Siberut society led by a chieftain called sikautet uma. Siberut have egalitarian social structure, where each member in a uma has the same position except "sikerei" which has precedence because he can cure the disease and lead religious ceremonies. Arat Sabulungan (animism) is original religion most of Siberut people. They beliefs all living things and everything in nature has a spirit or soul. Traditional beliefs and taboos be major social control and utilize forests wisely for thousands years before. Adhering to a lifestyle aimed at self sufficiency, they lived on hunting, fishing and gathering, practiced a form of shifting cultivation, and used sago starch from the sago palm (Metroxylon sago) as their staple food and domesticated pigs as well as chicken.

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