The Project






Peoples in project area is dominated by indigenous people from Dayak tribes (Dayak Wehea, Dayak Kenyeh, Dayak Punan) and they still hold traditional beliefs and customs of ancestral heritage. The Dayak people of Borneo possess an indigenous account of their history, partly in writing and partly in common cultural customary practices. Besawai is one of the traditional processions of indigenous Dayak community in order to maintain forest area not to be disturbed. Livelihoods of most population are farming and oil palm plantation workers with additional living from forest products, e.g. particularly aloes, wallet bird nests, rattan, honey and hunting animals. In general, people in this area have double living patterns or have more than one source of income. Based on administration, project locations included in Muara Wahau district (Kutai Timur), Kayan Ilir district (Malinau) and Tabang district (Kutai Kertanegara).