"The symbolism and the substantive significance of planting a tree has universal power in every culture and every society on Earth, and it is a way for individual men, women and children to participate in creating solutions for the environmental crisis."
- Al Gore, 2007 Nobel Peace Prize Winner -




IYF 2011

Ecosystem Restoration

Ecosystem Restoration is an effort to restore the function of forest ecosystems through forest rehabilitation and improvement of quality of life of the community to maintain the sustainability of natural resources in the future. Let's do something for this our only earth.

Siberut View
Siberut View

Founder Message

GG FounderThe United Nations General Assembly declared 2011 as the International Year of Forests to raise public awareness of the challenges facing many of the world’s forests and the people who depend on them, specifically, sustainable management, conservation and sustainable development of all types of forests. Global Green has been developing ecosystem restoration project which aim to avoid further deforestation and degradation of Indonesia’s natural forests, hence reversing the current trend of forest degradation and clearance. Global Green’s project would help the sequester huge quantities of carbon, improve local livelihoods and take pressure off natural forests and biodiversity through environmental business and smart partnership with multi stakeholders.

Restoring forest and biodiversity is a complex and multistep process and it can be a part of the solution and help to preserve the lungs of the Earth. If we lost the forest, we’ll not only lose irreplaceable biodiversity and a rich source of timber, wild foods and medicinal plants, but the life support systems and environmental services for millions people. By planting trees, replacing lost forests with assisted natural revegetation we are also helping to reduce the loss of flora and fauna from our biosphere and to preserve and enrich our lives.

Considering Global Green have huge multiple sector development plan for two interesting forest concession altogether, to ensure the success of mitigating climate change; including conservation, community, environmental services, non timber forest products development& eco-tourism for local community livelihood; therefore we would highly appreciated if you could support in fundraising and attracting global investors in order to collaborate in undertake a feasibility and other projects development programs. The synergy of global stakeholders of sponsors, business investors, local / global authority / governments / organizations, the scientist / experts , caring societies that working together in a multi sector team in developing our projects would create success in mitigating climate change and global warming, preserving nature ,saving endemic species & world heritage and mankind. The success of running such conservation efforts and enhancing the economics of community altogether, by collaboration of global stakeholder's participation / involvement would become a good role model worldwide of developing comprehensive forest projects to save our planet !

Best Regards,

Henny Taslim, Ir.